Marktferien 2024 on BOVESPA

Montag Jan. 01, 2024 Neujahr
Montag Febr. 12, 2024 Carnival Monday
Dienstag Febr. 13, 2024 Karneval/Fasnachtsdienstag
Freitag Beschädigen 29, 2024 Guter Freitag
Sonntag Apr. 21, 2024 Tiradentes Day
Mittwoch Mai 01, 2024 Tag der Arbeit / May Day
Donnerstag Mai 30, 2024 Leib Christi
Samstag Sept 07, 2024 Tag der Unabhängigkeit
Samstag Okt 12, 2024 Our Lady of Aparecida
Samstag Nov. 02, 2024 All Soul’s Day
Freitag Nov. 15, 2024 Tag der Republik
Dienstag Dez 24, 2024 Christmas Day Holiday
Mittwoch Dez 25, 2024 Weihnachtstag
Dienstag Dez 31, 2024 Neujahrsfeiertag

Brazil Stock Exchange BOVESPA Holidays 2024


Unlocking Brazil’s Financial Calendar: BOVESPA Holidays 2024

As the heart of Latin America’s largest economy, Brazil’s stock exchange, known as BOVESPA (Bolsa de Valores de São Paulo), plays a pivotal role in the country’s financial landscape. It serves as a barometer for economic health, investor sentiment, and corporate performance. Understanding its operational schedule is crucial for investors, Händler, and businesses alike. Let’s delve into the BOVESPA holidays for 2024 to navigate the Brazilian market efficiently.

Overview of BOVESPA

BOVESPA stands as one of the most prominent stock exchanges in the world, showcasing the dynamic nature of Brazil’s economy. Founded in 1890, it has since evolved into a major hub for equity, commodities, and futures trading. The exchange facilitates the buying and selling of stocks and other securities of publicly traded companies, fostering capital formation and investment opportunities.

Significance of BOVESPA Holidays

BOVESPA observes several holidays throughout the year, during which trading activities are suspended. These holidays not only mark significant cultural or national events but also provide market participants with necessary breaks to recalibrate strategies and assess market conditions. Understanding BOVESPA’s holiday schedule is essential for planning trading activities, mitigating risks, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

BOVESPA Holidays 2024

The following is the list of holidays observed by BOVESPA in 2024:

  1. Neujahr – Januar 1, 2024 (Montag)
  2. Karneval – Februar 28 und März 1, 2024 (Monday and Tuesday)
  3. Guter Freitag – April 19, 2024 (Freitag)
  4. Tiradentes Day – April 21, 2024 (Sonntag)
  5. Tag der Arbeit – Mai 1, 2024 (Mittwoch)
  6. Leib Christi – Juni 20, 2024 (Donnerstag)
  7. Tag der Unabhängigkeit – September 7, 2024 (Samstag)
  8. Our Lady of Aparecida – Oktober 12, 2024 (Samstag)
  9. All Souls’ Tag – November 2, 2024 (Samstag)
  10. Tag der Republik – November 15, 2024 (Freitag)
  11. Weihnachtstag – Dezember 25, 2024 (Mittwoch)

Note: If a holiday falls on a Saturday, the exchange typically remains closed on the preceding Friday. If a holiday falls on a Sunday, the exchange usually remains closed on the following Monday.

Implications for Investors and Traders

BOVESPA holidays impact trading activities, market liquidity, and volatility. Investors and traders should plan their strategies accordingly, considering the reduced trading hours and potential market reactions before and after holidays. Zusätzlich, these holidays may affect the settlement of trades and other operational aspects, necessitating proactive measures to manage risks and ensure smooth transactions.


Navigating Brazil’s financial markets requires a comprehensive understanding of BOVESPA’s holiday schedule. Indem wir diese Feiertage und ihre Auswirkungen anerkennen, investors, Händler, and businesses can optimize their operations, minimize disruptions, and capitalize on opportunities effectively. As BOVESPA continues to thrive as a vital player in the global financial arena, staying informed about its operational calendar remains paramount for success in the Brazilian market.

Marktferien 2024 on BOVESPA