Marktferien 2024 on NSE

Freitag Jan. 26, 2024 Republic Day
Freitag Beschädigen 08, 2024 Maha Shivaratri
Montag Beschädigen 25, 2024 Holi
Freitag Beschädigen 29, 2024 Guter Freitag
Mittwoch Apr. 10, 2024 Id-ul-Fitr (Ramzan ID)
Sonntag Apr. 14, 2024 Dr.Baba Saheb Ambedkar Jayanti
Mittwoch Apr. 17, 2024 Ram Navami
Sonntag Apr. 21, 2024 Mahavir Jayanti
Mittwoch Mai 01, 2024 Maharashtra Day
Montag Jun 17, 2024 Bakri Id / Eid ul-Adha
Mittwoch Juli 17, 2024 Muharram
Donnerstag Aug. 15, 2024 Tag der Unabhängigkeit
Saturday Sept 07, 2024 Ganesh Chaturthi
Mittwoch Okt 02, 2024 Mathatma Gandhi Jayanti
Sonntag Okt 13, 2024 Dasara
Freitag Nov. 01, 2024 Diwali-Laxmi Pujan**
Saturday Nov. 02, 2024 Diwali-Balipratipada
Freitag Nov. 15, 2024 Guru Nanak Jayanti
Mittwoch Dez 25, 2024 Weihnachten

National Stock Exchange of India NSE Holidays 2024


Unlocking Investment Potential: National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) Holidays 2024

As a cornerstone of India’s financial infrastructure, the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) serves as a vital platform for trading equities, derivatives, und andere Finanzinstrumente. Understanding the holiday schedule of NSE for 2024 is crucial for investors, traders, and businesses seeking to navigate the Indian market effectively.

Overview of National Stock Exchange of India (NSE)

Established in 1992, the National Stock Exchange of India has transformed the country’s capital markets landscape. With its advanced technology infrastructure, stringent regulatory framework, and commitment to transparency, NSE has emerged as one of the largest and most liquid stock exchanges in the world. It provides investors with access to a diverse range of investment opportunities and plays a pivotal role in driving India’s economic growth.

Significance of NSE Holidays

NSE holidays mark days when trading activities on the exchange are suspended. These holidays, often aligned with national, religious, or cultural observances, provide market participants with valuable time to pause, reflect, and recharge. Understanding the NSE holiday schedule is essential for investors and traders to plan their trading strategies effectively, manage risks, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

NSE Holidays 2024

Understanding the holiday schedule of the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) for 2024 is crucial for investors and traders looking to engage with the Indian market. By recognizing these holidays and their implications, market participants can effectively plan their trading activities, manage risks, and seize opportunities. The NSE remains a vital institution in India’s economic development, providing investors with a reliable platform for investment and growth. Staying informed about NSE holidays is integral to navigating the Indian market successfully.

What investors need to know about holidays on NSE Exchange

The National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) is one of the leading stock exchanges in India, providing a platform for trading in various securities such as equities, derivatives, and mutual funds. Wie an jeder Börse, the NSE has its own trading calendar that includes holidays when the exchange is closed. In diesem Artikel, we will take a closer look at the NSE Holidays for 2024.

Indian Stock Market Holidays

It’s important to note that while the NSE is closed on the above-mentioned holidays, other markets, including international markets, may be open for trading. It is recommended that traders and investors keep themselves informed of any market closures or shortened trading hours during the holiday season.

In addition to the above-mentioned holidays, the NSE may also have modified trading hours or early closures around certain holidays. Traders and investors should keep themselves updated on any announcements from NSE regarding holiday schedules and trading hours.

Abschließend, the National Stock Exchange of India is a prominent stock exchange in India that follows the Indian holiday calendar for its trading schedule. Traders and investors should take note of the NSE Holidays for 2024 to avoid any inconvenience or trading losses. It is important to stay up to date with any announcements or changes to the holiday schedule to ensure timely trading decisions.

National Stock Exchange (NSE) Holidays 2024

Der National Stock Exchange of India (NSE), a bustling financial marketplace, observes several holidays throughout the year. As investors and traders, it’s essential to be aware of these holidays to plan your trading activities effectively. Let’s explore the key holidays for the NSE in 2024:

  1. Republic Day (Januar 26): On this day, India celebrates its democratic heritage, and the NSE remains closed.
  1. Mahashivaratri (Marsch 8): A significant Hindu festival honoring Lord Shiva, and the NSE takes a break.
  1. Holi (Marsch 25): The vibrant festival of colors, and the NSE remains closed.
  1. Guter Freitag (Marsch 29): Christian communities observe Good Friday, and the NSE does not operate on this solemn day.
  1. Ramzan Id (April 11): The festival marking the end of Ramadan, and the NSE observes this holiday.
  1. Ram Navami (April 17): Celebrating Lord Rama’s birth, and the NSE remains closed.
  1. Maharashtra Day (Mai 1): A state-specific holiday, and the NSE takes a break.
  1. Bakri Id (Juni 17): Also known as Eid al-Adha, and the NSE observes this day.
  1. Muharram (Juli 17): A significant day in the Islamic calendar, and the NSE remains closed.
  1. Tag der Unabhängigkeit (August 15): India’s freedom anniversary, and the NSE takes a break.
  1. Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday (Oktober 2): A tribute to the Father of the Nation, and the NSE observes this holiday.
  1. Diwali (November 1): The festival of lights, and the NSE remains closed.
  1. Gurunanak Jayanti (November 15): Celebrating Guru Nanak’s birth, and the NSE observes this day.
  1. Weihnachten (Dezember 25): As the year concludes, the NSE takes a break on Christmas Day.


Remember to mark these dates on your trading calendar to ensure a smooth experience on the National Stock Exchange of India.


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