Commodity Trader

Commodity Trader Chris MacIntosh

Exploring the World of Commodities: Live Deep Dive with Expert Chris MacIntosh Commodities expert Chris MacIntosh discusses the current state of the global economy, geopolitical risks, and commodity investments with Rebel Capitalist. He sees the world economy in a state of war, with collapsing empires relying on economic prowess and military might, and believes that […]

Questions and Answers on Stock Market Holidays

Questions and Answers on Stock Market Holidays

Q: What are stock market holidays? A: Stock market holidays are predetermined days when stock exchanges are closed, and trading activities are either suspended or operate with limited hours. These holidays are typically observed to celebrate important cultural, national, or religious events. Q: Why are stock market holidays important for investors? A: Stock market holidays […]

How to Learn to Trade Intraday?

Video "How to learn to trade intraday and not be afraid to get a stop loss"

How to learn to trade intraday and not be afraid to get a stop loss 00:00:00 In this section, the video discusses the importance of having a strong theoretical foundation in day trading. Without a solid understanding of the basics, problems can arise that prevent traders from knowing how to judge whether they are making […]


Hedging Trading - Mitigating Financial Risks through Strategic Protection

What is Hedging in Trading? Hedging is the execution of transactions for the purpose of insuring and protecting assets against financial risks. The purpose of hedging operations is to minimize or compensate for the potential loss of asset value due to unfavorable market conditions. Hedging allows you to establish a known value for potential losses […]

Insider Newsletter

insider newsletter review

INSIDER NEWSLETTER 30 DAY TRIAL for $1 a month Are you tired of sifting through endless financial news, wondering which investments will truly deliver results? Look no further. Chris Macintosh, renowned investor and founder of Capitalist Exploits, presents the INSIDER NEWSLETTER, an exclusive subscription that grants you access to invaluable insights and expert analysis. Here’s […]

How to Make X Profits with a Small Deposit

How to Make X Profits with a Small Deposit

Live with Alexander Gerchik 00:00:00 – 01:00:00 In this video, professional trader Alexander Gerchik provides insights on making profits with small deposits in trading. He emphasizes the importance of understanding the market, selecting the right instruments, and employing proper risk management strategies as well as the need to control losses to avoid ending a trader’s career. Gerchik […]

10b5-1 Trade plan

10b5-1 trading plan

What is a 10b5-1 trading plan? A 10b5-1 trading plan is a specific type of trading plan used by corporate insiders to facilitate the legal and ethical purchase or sale of their company’s stock while complying with regulatory requirements. Here is an example of a 10b5-1 trading plan: Inside Information: A corporate insider, such as […]

US Stock Market Holidays 2023

US Stock Market Holidays 2023

Key Dates for Investors Investors in the US stock market need to stay informed about upcoming holidays that impact trading activities. Stock market holidays can affect liquidity, trading volumes, and market volatility. By being aware of the holiday schedule, investors can plan their investment strategies accordingly. In this article, we will provide you with a […]

Stock Market Holidays 2023

Stock Market Holidays 2023

Stock Market Holidays 2023: What Investors Need to Know Introduction: As an investor, it’s crucial to stay updated on the stock market’s operating schedule, including holidays and trading hours. Stock market holidays can have a significant impact on trading activities, liquidity, and market volatility. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive overview […]

Adidas Share Price

Adidas Share price jumps, Bjørn Gulden exceeds expectations with poor figures How sensible Bjørn Gulden’s profit warning was shortly after he took office is shown at the latest with the presentation of the balance sheet for the first quarter: Adidas slips into the red – the share nevertheless jumps to the top of the DAX. […]

Stock Market Today

stock market futures

Understanding the Stock Market Today: Trends, Risks, and Opportunities The stock market is a barometer of the economy, and its performance is watched closely by investors and economists alike. Today, the stock market is experiencing a period of volatility as investors grapple with a range of uncertainties, from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic to geopolitical tensions […]

German Stock Market

german stock market

German Stock Exchange in 2022, Boosted by Strong Tech Sector The German stock market, known as the DAX, had a tumultuous 2022, with significant fluctuations in the wake of global economic uncertainties. The DAX is the flagship index of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and is composed of the top 30 blue-chip companies listed in Germany. […]

Deletion of limit orders of individual and institutional investors before the holidays

Deletion of limit orders of individual and institutional investors before the holidays

The Influence of Holidays on Trading Behavior Holidays are an integral part of daily life and can influence our behavior, ranging from social activities to investment decisions. A large body of research has found that anticipation of an upcoming holiday can lift mood and distract individuals from tasks such as information processing. The purpose of […]

What to look for in an Investment Advisor and the Best Advisor in the Market

Capitalist Exploits

Qualifications, experience, communication, fees, and investment philosophy: What to consider when selecting an Investment Advisor Investing can be a daunting task, especially if you are new to the game. With so many investment options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right investment strategy for your financial goals. This is where an investment advisor […]