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Market Holidays on NILX 2024

Monday Jan. 01, 2024 Bank Holiday
Sunday Jan. 07, 2024 Coptic Christmas
Thursday Jan. 25, 2024 Revolution Day January 25
Wednesday Apr. 10, 2024 Eid Al-Fitr
Thursday Apr. 11, 2024 Eid Al-Fitr
Thursday Apr. 25, 2024 Sinai Liberation Day
Wednesday May 01, 2024 Labor Day
Monday May 06, 2024 Sham El Nessim
Sunday Jun 16, 2024 Eid al-Adha
Monday Jun 17, 2024 Eid al-Adha Day 2
Sunday Jul 07, 2024 Muharram
Tuesday Jul 23, 2024 Revolution Day
Sunday Sep 15, 2024 Mawlid An-Nabi
Sunday Oct 06, 2024 Armed Forces Day

Egyptian Exchange NILX Holidays 2024

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Navigating Trading Seasons: Egyptian Exchange (EGX) Holidays 2024

As traders and investors set sail for another year in the financial markets, it’s imperative to acquaint themselves with the holidays observed by the Egyptian Exchange (EGX), known as the Nile Stock Exchange (NILX), in 2024. Understanding these holidays is vital for effective planning and execution of trading strategies, ensuring seamless operations throughout the year.

The Egyptian Exchange serves as Egypt’s primary stock exchange, facilitating the trading of various financial instruments, including stocks, bonds, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Like many other stock exchanges worldwide, the EGX observes several holidays during which trading is either suspended or operates on a modified schedule.

It’s essential for traders and investors to take note of these holidays as they plan their trading strategies and activities throughout the year. Additionally, understanding how these holidays may impact global markets and trading volumes can help traders make informed decisions and mitigate potential risks.

Staying informed about the Egyptian Exchange NILX holidays in 2024 is crucial for anyone involved in trading and investing in Egyptian securities. By being aware of these holidays and their implications, traders can effectively plan their activities and navigate the financial markets with confidence.

What investors need to know about holidays on NILX Exchange

Egyptian Exchange (EGX) is the primary stock exchange in Egypt, providing a platform for trading in various securities such as equities, bonds, and derivatives. As with any stock exchange, EGX has its own trading calendar that includes holidays when the exchange is closed. In this article, we will take a closer look at the Egyptian Exchange NILX Holidays for 2024.

It’s important to note that while the EGX is closed on the above-mentioned holidays, other markets, including international markets, may be open for trading. It is recommended that traders and investors keep themselves informed of any market closures or shortened trading hours during the holiday season.

Egyptian Exchange is an important stock exchange in Egypt that follows the official Egyptian holiday calendar for its trading schedule. Traders and investors should take note of the Egyptian Exchange NILX Holidays for 2024 to avoid any inconvenience or trading losses. It is important to stay up to date with any announcements or changes to the holiday schedule to ensure timely trading decisions.

Egyptian Exchange (NILX) Holidays 2024

The Egyptian Exchange (NILX), also known as the Nile Stock Exchange, observes several holidays throughout the year. These holidays impact trading schedules and market operations. Here’s a comprehensive list of the key holidays for the NILX in 2024:

  1. New Year’s Day: The exchange will be closed on Monday, January 1.
  2. Christmas Day (Eastern): Observed on Sunday, January 7.
  3. Police Day and 25th of January Revolution: The market will be closed on Thursday, January 25.
  4. Eid El Fitr: The holiday falls on April 10-11 (Wednesday-Thursday).
  5. Sinai Liberation Day: The exchange will be closed on Thursday, April 25.
  6. Labor Day: Observed on Wednesday, May 1.
  7. Easter Holiday: The market will be closed on Sunday, May 5.
  8. Sham El Nessim: Celebrated on Monday, May 6.
  9. Eid El Adha: The holiday spans from June 15 to June 17 (Saturday-Monday).
  10. Banks Holiday: The exchange will be closed on Monday, July 1.
  11. Islamic New Year (Hegris 1446): Observed on Sunday, July 7.
  12. Revolution Anniversary: The market will be closed on Tuesday, July 23.
  13. Prophet Mohamed’s Birthday (Mawled El Nabi): Celebrated on Sunday, September 15.
  14. Armed Force Day: Observed on Sunday, October 6.


Please note that these dates are subject to change, and the NILX weekends occur onFridays and Saturdays.

Traders and investors should plan their activities accordingly during these holidays.


Happy trading! 📈🎉


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