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Market Holidays on TASE 2024

Sunday Mar 24, 2024 Purim
Monday Mar 25, 2024 Shushan Purim
Monday Apr. 22, 2024 Passover Eve
Tuesday Apr. 23, 2024 Passover – First Day
Wednesday Apr. 24, 2024 Second Passover
Thursday Apr. 25, 2024 Yom HaZikaron
Sunday Apr. 28, 2024 Passover
Monday Apr. 29, 2024 Passover
Monday May 13, 2024 Memorial Day
Tuesday May 14, 2024 Independence Day
Tuesday Jun 11, 2024 Shavuot (1st day)
Wednesday Jun 12, 2024 Shavuot
Tuesday Aug. 13, 2024 Tish’a B’Av
Wednesday Oct 02, 2024 Rosh HaShana Starts
Thursday Oct 03, 2024 Rosh HaShana
Wednesday Oct 16, 2024 Sukkot Starts
Thursday Oct 17, 2024 Sukkot-day-1
Friday Oct 18, 2024 Sukkot-day-2
Saturday Oct 19, 2024 Sukkot-day-3
Sunday Oct 20, 2024 Sukkot-day-4
Monday Oct 21, 2024 Sukkot-day-5
Tuesday Oct 22, 2024 Sukkot-day-6
Wednesday Oct 23, 2024 Sukkot Ends
Thursday Oct 24, 2024 Shmini Atzeret

Tel Aviv Stock Exchange TASE Holidays 2024

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What investors need to know about holidays on TASE Exchange

The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) serves as the main securities exchange in Israel, facilitating the trading of various financial instruments. Similar to other stock exchanges, TASE observes designated holidays throughout the year when trading activities are suspended. These holidays provide participants with essential breaks, allow for administrative tasks, and ensure the smooth functioning of the exchange. This article aims to outline the holidays observed by the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange in 2024 and discuss their impact on trading and investors.

TASE Holidays in 2024

As one of the key financial hubs in the Middle East, the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) serves as a vital platform for investors seeking to participate in Israel’s dynamic economy. Navigating the TASE requires a thorough understanding of its trading calendar, including the holidays when trading activities pause. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the holidays observed by the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange in 2024, providing insights into the dates when the market remains closed.

Understanding the trading calendar of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange is essential for investors and traders seeking to navigate the Israeli market effectively. By familiarizing themselves with the TASE holidays for 2024, market participants can plan their strategies accordingly and anticipate periods of market closure. These holidays not only reflect Israel’s rich cultural and religious heritage but also underscore the country’s commitment to tradition, unity, and resilience. As participants engage with the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, they contribute to Israel’s ongoing economic growth and development.

Impact on Trading and Investors

The holidays observed by the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange have a direct impact on trading activities and investor engagement. On these non-trading days, TASE is closed, and investors cannot buy or sell securities listed on the exchange. Consequently, trading volumes and liquidity experience a significant decline during these periods.

For traders and investors, it is crucial to consider the holiday schedule of TASE when planning investment strategies and managing portfolios. Being aware of market closures allows investors to adjust their trading activities and timing of transactions accordingly. It is advisable to plan ahead and execute trades either before or after these holidays to avoid any potential disruptions.

Additionally, the holiday breaks provide an opportunity for investors to review their investment portfolios, analyze market trends, and make informed decisions. This self-reflection enables investors to adjust strategies, rebalance portfolios, and align investments with long-term goals.

During the holiday season, it is important for investors to stay informed about global economic and financial news that may impact the market upon reopening. Significant events or developments during this period can influence investor sentiment and trigger market fluctuations when trading resumes.

Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) Holidays 2024

The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE), situated in the vibrant city of Tel Aviv, Israel, is a critical hub for financial activity in the region. As investors and traders, understanding the exchange’s holiday schedule is essential for effective financial planning. Let’s explore the key holidays for TASE in 2024:

Official Holidays

  1. New Year’s Day: TASE will be closed on January 1, 2024, and resume trading on January 2, 2024.
  1. Purim: Banks will be closed on Sunday, March 24, 2024, in observance of Purim.
  1. Passover (Pesach): The market will be closed during the Passover holiday, which typically spans several days in April 2024 (exact dates to be confirmed).
  1. Independence Day (Yom Ha’atzmaut): TASE will be closed on April 15, 2024, to celebrate Israel’s independence.
  1. Shavuot: The market will be closed during the Shavuot holiday, which typically falls in May 2024 (exact dates to be confirmed).
  1. Tisha B’Av: Banks will be closed on July 28, 2024, in observance of Tisha B’Av.
  1. Rosh Hashanah: The market will be closed during the Jewish New Year holiday, which typically spans several days in September 2024 (exact dates to be confirmed).
  1. Yom Kippur: TASE will be closed on October 3, 2024, for Yom Kippur.
  1. Sukkot: The market will be closed during the Sukkot holiday, which typically falls in October 2024 (exact dates to be confirmed).
  1. Simchat Torah: Banks will be closed on October 10, 2024, in observance of Simchat Torah.


Stay informed about TASE’s holiday calendar to plan your investment strategies effectively.


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