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Trading Holidays on XTSX

Monday Jan. 02, 2023 New Year’s Day Holiday
Monday Feb. 20, 2023 Family Day
Friday Apr. 07, 2023 Good Friday
Monday May 22, 2023 Victoria/Patriots’ Day
Monday Jul 03, 2023 Canada Day
Monday Aug. 07, 2023 Civic Holiday
Monday Sep 04, 2023 Labour Day
Monday Oct 09, 2023 Thanksgiving
Monday Dec 25, 2023 Christmas
Tuesday Dec 26, 2023 Boxing Day

Toronto Ventures Stock Exchange XTSX Holidays 2023

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What investors need to know about holidays on XTSX Exchange

The Toronto Ventures Stock Exchange (XTSX), also known as the Canadian Securities Exchange, is a stock exchange based in Toronto, Canada. It provides a platform for trading stocks, bonds, and other securities issued by companies in Canada and other countries. The exchange operates on a schedule that is similar to other major exchanges around the world, with regular trading hours during the weekdays and holidays observed throughout the year. In this article, we will take a closer look at the XTSX holidays for 2023.

The XTSX follows the schedule of public holidays recognized by the Canadian government. In 2023, the XTSX will be closed on the following days:

On these days, there will be no trading on the XTSX, and any orders placed will be queued for the next trading day. The XTSX will resume regular trading hours on the next business day following the holiday.

It is worth noting that the XTSX may also have special trading hours or closures during periods of market volatility or other unforeseen events. In such cases, the XTSX will notify traders and investors in advance of any changes to the regular trading schedule.

In conclusion, the XTSX holidays for 2023 follow the public holidays recognized by the Canadian government. It is important for traders and investors to be aware of these holiday closures and plan accordingly to avoid any disruptions to their trading activities. The XTSX’s regular trading hours are from Monday to Friday, and any special trading hours or closures will be announced in advance. Overall, the XTSX provides a reliable platform for trading securities in Canada, and its adherence to a regular schedule and transparent communication make it an attractive destination for investors both domestically and internationally.

xtsx trading holidays in 2023